SCCM PXE Booting with NSX-T


PXE boot stuck at “Waiting for Approval”

If you’re experiencing a “Waiting for Approval” message when attempting to PXE boot in SCCM, it’s likely due to a common issue with NSX-T. When virtualizing a Distribution Point in SCCM and attempting to use it for PXE booting, you need to make some changes in NSX-T to allow it to function properly.

By default, NSX-T blocks servers from receiving or replying to DHCP requests, which PXE booting relies on heavily. To enable PXE booting for specific servers, you’ll need to create a “Segment Security Policy” profile in NSX-T and disable DHCP Server Block. Once you’ve done this, create a new network segment with the appropriate VLAN and assign the policy you just created to it.

Finally, move your Distribution Points to the newly created segment in VCenter. This should resolve the “Waiting for Approval” issue and allow you to PXE boot successfully.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to use virtualized Distribution Points in SCCM for PXE booting without any further issues. Don’t let a simple configuration issue hold you back from taking advantage of all SCCM has to offer!


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